Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wikipedia Knowlege Dump

I'm in love with the Wikipedia Knowledge Dump, a site where bad wikipedia articles go to die. Using the motto "one man's trash is another man's treasure", the blog is filled with all the posts that didn't meet Wikipedia's requirements. While a majority are about shitty bands, theres still plenty of interesting stuff, such as a list of Homer Simpson's Lifelong Dreams, a list of Porn Star Mothers, or an article on the use of thumbtacks in Professional Wrestling.

Like Zenzizenzizenzic:
Zenzizenzizenzic is the eighth power or exponent of a number. For example the zenzizenzizenzic of 2 is 256. It was suggested by Robert Recorde, a 16th century Welsh writer of popular mathematics textbooks, in The Whetstone of Witte, published in 1557, although his spelling was zenzizenzizenzike. It is obsolete except as a curiosity; the Oxford English Dictionary has only one citation for it. It survives as an historical oddity.
Or this biography of Cathy O'Brien:
In her books and lectures, O'Brien relates allegations that, as a child, she was abducted into an alleged CIA mind control project called Project Monarch (supposedly a subsection of MKULTRAProject Artichoke). She claims to have remained in Monarch as an adult, while she served as "a top-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave"[1] until rescued by Phillips.

O'Brien claims to have been abused since she was a toddler. Forced to partake in satanic sadomasochistic child pornography movies produced for Gerald Ford, she was eventually sold to the CIA, which was looking for traumatized children for their mind-control program.

Or Loudest Band In The World:
The Who was once listed as the record holder, at 126 decibels, measured at a distance of 32 metres from the speakers at a concert at Fillmore East on 1976-05-31. Other previous record holders include Deep Purple (117 decibels), The Rolling Stones (which replaced Deep Purple), and KISS. Metallica has styled itself the "loudest band in the world". However, after one concert on 1997-11-11, which the band dubbed the "Million Decibel March", the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that "neighbours who [had] feared the worst from the self-styled Loudest Band in the World complained more about the sound from the news choppers circling overhead".
Or The Satan Claus Theory:

Satan Claus is a theory that Santa Claus is actually an alias for Satan. The theory is based primarily on the fact that "Santa" could be an anagram for "Satan." This theory is a popular belief among many Christian communities.

Other evidence is the fact that Saint Nicholas, the origin of Santa, could have never existed. Ole Nick was a fallen Angel. Nick is a common nickname for Santa. (e.g. Old Saint Nicholaus) Old Nick is a British term for "the devil". Nicholas is one of the most common names for the devil, for Germans.

Many Christians are infuriated with the fact that Santa shares, or in some cases takes the spotlight from Jesus at Christmas time.

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